The benefits of fruit in the workplace

The office can be a tired and stuffy environment. The glare of computer screens and halogen lights cast a ghostly glow, and with people working in close quarters, it’s easy for germs to spread.

When your staff are looking for a quick pick-me-up, the office vending machine or another pot of coffee might seem like obvious answers. However, if you want to maintain a happy, healthy and productive staff, then a more colourful option is your best bet.
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quite drinking soda

5 Reasons to Quit Drinking Soda

Whether or not you’re a soda drinker, you’re probably aware of why this habit is unhealthy, and that you should stop if you want to achieve optimum health. But for people who are regular soda drinkers, the thought of going without it can be quite difficult. First of all, soda provides a sugar rush which the body becomes addicted to. And caffeinated sodas are addicting for the stimulant effect that they have on the body as well. Drinking soda is also just a habit that many people get into, rewarding themselves at meals and in between meals with this sweet treat. But it truly is a toxic habit, and we’re giving you 5 reasons why:
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4 Great Meals for Your Mind and Body

We all know that we should be eating meals that are good for our body: low in sugar, high in good fats and protein, and without too many processed carbs. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies round out a diet that’s great for slimming our figure and keeping weight off. And we all know that a diet low in sugar is great for your teeth as well! But did you know that it’s just as important to eat for your mind, as it is for your body? We’ve got some great tips that will keep your mind sharp, your body slim and your overall health in top shape.

Salmon sandwich

What makes this such a great meal for mind and body? When you use a whole wheat bun or bread, you’re getting fiber and whole grains that your body craves to stay full, and veggies on your sandwich will provide vitamins and low calories. But the salmon here is the star of the meal, because the omega-3 fats in the fish are one of the best things you can feed your brain.

Mediterranean salad

When you eat like they do in the Mediterranean, you can nearly guarantee a fantastic body as well as one of the healthiest meals for your brain. That’s because the fats in olives, olive oil and other Mediterranean ingredients are the perfect fuel for your brain. So make a salad with fresh greens, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, artichokes, tomatoes, some tuna and dress it all with healthy olive oil and splash of vinegar.


You can create a stir-fried dish to be as healthy as you want, depending on what you put inside! It has the potential to be one of the most creative meals in your repertoire, so put it to your advantage and stock up on healthy ingredients like brown rice, mushrooms, tofu, peppers and cashews that are great for both mind and body.

Fruit smoothie

We can’t forget about those of us with a sweet tooth here! Luckily, you can actually satisfy that without worrying about what your dentist will say on your next visit. Blend together a frozen banana with blackberries, soy or almond milk, and a few handfuls of spinach. Yes, spinach! You might not think it sounds good, but the greens will blend in and you will only taste the fruit. But you’ll be getting a massively packed dose of iron and other vitamins and minerals that your body and mind crave.

About the Dentistry

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4 Surprisingly Healthy Desserts

Whether you’re watching your waistline or just conscious of your health, you may not include dessert normally in your diet. But sometimes you just really want to indulge in something sweet, gooey and delicious after your meal! Luckily, there are some great desserts that actually have some health benefits, so you can make these and feel good about eating them! Check out these desserts that won’t get you any bad marks from your doctor or dentist:
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4 Healthy Options to Cure Sweet Cravings

It’s so important to live a healthy and well-balanced life, but we all know what happens when the sweet craving arises: everything goes on hold until it’s satisfied! So rather than diving headfirst into a pan of chocolate brownies, prepare yourself with healthy options that won’t leave you feeling regretful later. If you want to take care of your dental health and your waistline, these 5 healthy sweets will be a perfect addition to your diet.
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5 Sweet Treats You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

If you’re health conscious, you already know that sugar is one of the most important parts of our diet to eliminate, and yet it seems to be found everywhere! Not only that, but many of us really crave something sweet as an energy boost throughout the day, or for a sweet treat to end a meal in a satisfying way. The fact is, sugar can be enjoying in moderate amounts as long as it’s done the natural way. Here are some ideas for sweet treats that won’t ruin your teeth or your waistline:
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4 Things To Know Before Getting Adult Braces

Did you miss the boat for getting braces as a kid? Or did you already have braces, but you’ve forgotten to wear your retainer since high school prom, and your teeth have moved away from their perfect straight smile? If you’re an adult considering braces, it can be a great choice! Having a beautiful smile can increase confidence and improve the health of your teeth and jaw. So before you make the leap, here are a few things you should know going in:
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All you need to know about your toothbrush

Knowing more about your toothbrush can be one of the most important weapons in your fight to have a clean and healthy mouth, toothbrushes are not just something that allow us to fulfil our daily chore of brushing, but something that needs to be selected carefully to remove plaque and bacteria effectively. Read on to find out how all you need to know about your toothbrush.
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Exercise Positively

Revealed: Exercise Positively Alters DNA

It is a well-known fact that exercise can induce fitness and decrease the risk of chronic illnesses as well as lifestyle diseases such as cardiac disorders and diabetes. But how much does a simple hike, run or bicycle ride translates into a healthier life has flummoxed health experts and scientists for a long time.

A recent research report believes that the answer lies in an individual’s DNA. According to the study, exercise is seen to alter and modify the shape and performance of our genes, which is a significant and ground breaking understanding of how fitness can further improve one’s health.
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