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3 Little Known Tricks for Burning Fat

When it comes to burning fat, everyone knows you need to eat fewer calories than your body requires but sometimes this just isn’t enough. Perhaps there are hidden calories in some processed foods and of course who ever weighs their portions to the gram? No matter how hard you’ve tried, you probably had little or no success and are looking for solutions, solutions that work. Following are 3 little known tricks for burning fat.

Not No Carb – Slow Carb

It seems as though diets go through fads. First there was a no carb diet, then a no fat diet. Following on the heels of that you have the low carb diet, the low fat diet, the unsaturated fat diet and the list goes on. Actually, you should never do without carbs as they provide a source of energy and unlike fat, will burn off even if you eat an excess at one time. Fat? Not so much. If you happen to devour more calories from fat than your body can metabolise, it will go right to all those places where you already have an abundance of the stuff.

What all those craze diets should be telling you is that carbs are good – the right kinds of carbs commonly referred to as slow burn carbs. Foods like whole grains, and some fruits like bananas are comprised of slow burning carbs that give your body energy for metabolic processes over a longer period of time. You will never get that sugar high, that crash and burn with slow carbs but you will get the energy your body needs to burn fat.

Foods with Zero Calorie Count

Some people choose to call these kinds of foods ‘negative calorie foods’ but the reality is they do have calories, you just don’t actually absorb any of them. How can that be possible? The truth is that it takes more calories than are in those foods for your body to break them down for digestion. Did you know it takes calories to digest food? Well, that’s the secret of no-calorie foods. No matter how many calories are in that portion, it takes more calories than that to digest. This is why you will hear them referred to as zero calorie or negative calorie foods.

Non-Stimulant Stimulants

For years doctors were prescribing strong stimulants for weight loss regimens. However, those types of drugs caused more damage to your body than those extra fat cells people were looking to rid themselves of. There is increasing information surfacing about a ‘non-stimulant stimulant,’ in a class of pharmaceuticals call nootropics.

Although these weren’t developed for weight loss programmes, one of the beneficial side effects that is common amongst people taking the supplements is weight loss. You can buy Waklert online for this purpose, as an off-label use. There are few side effects that have been discovered by anyone taking the supplements, unlike commonly prescribed diet pills that can cause anything from liver damage to heart attacks.

If you are really looking to shed pounds, you know you need to get serious. Don’t rationalise as these little known tricks are not a magic formula. Talk to your GP before starting a weight loss regimen, calculate how much weight you want to lose and then it’s time to get serious. With a little help and some little known tricks, you will shed those pounds consistently and over time.

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