4 Healthy Options to Cure Sweet Cravings

It’s so important to live a healthy and well-balanced life, but we all know what happens when the sweet craving arises: everything goes on hold until it’s satisfied! So rather than diving headfirst into a pan of chocolate brownies, prepare yourself with healthy options that won’t leave you feeling regretful later. If you want to take care of your dental health and your waistline, these 5 healthy sweets will be a perfect addition to your diet.

Fruit and cottage cheese

When you are craving something sweet in between meals, it’s important to include some protein in your snack so that you actually feel full, since sugar won’t do that on its own. Fruit such as berries or sliced peaches is so satisfying when put over protein-filled cottage cheese. Opt for the full-fat version so you’ll feel full and won’t need to keep snacking unti your next meal.

“Banana butter”

Bananas are super sweet on their own, and a potassium-filled fruit that you won’t feel guilty about enjoying. To get a crunchy satisfaction from your sweet treat, mash up a banana until it’s a smooth consistency, then spread it on a rice cake. Top with some peanut or almond butter for some filling fat, and sprinkle with cinnamon!

Trail mix

If you’re someone who likes a variety of foods in their snack, trail mix is perfect. You can make your own to suit your own tastes, including whatever nuts, seeds or dried fruits you like. Try a mix of raw cashews, almonds, dried apricots, banana chips and dried cranberries. You can also include some dark chocolate chunks to really satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty, because dark chocolate has antioxidants, and the protein and fat from the nuts will balance out the sugar.

Greek yogurt

If you find yourself craving ice cream after dinner, Greek yogurt can be a satisfying substitute. The full fat version is nearly as creamy as ice cream, so enjoy this on its own or mixed with some whole fruit jam or a bit of honey. You can play with combinations to find what you like, including granola, oats or even putting your trail mix in here. But don’t forget to let yourself indulge in the real ice cream every now and then…a healthy life is all about balance and self-love!

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