A different take on high protein diets – Some risks you should consider

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Although the entire world is going gaga about the benefits of protein-rich diet as it helps you in shedding a few pounds and normalizing your glucose levels, lowering the risk of diabetes and other heart diseases, yet it has been seen that there are certain risks of this kind of diet. The million-dollar question posed by some critics is whether you will live longer by remaining on a strict high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Most surprisingly, there have been 2 studies in the present edition of a journal named Cell Metabolism that suggest just the opposite. Researchers have found a strong and direct association between long-life and consumption of low protein, high-carbohydrate diet. However, the study also adds that after the age of 65, higher protein levels lead to longevity.

According to Calter D. Longo, a professor in California, the high protein diets were developed by people who had short-sighted vision. Although it is true that you can lose weight through a high-protein and high-fat diet, yet it is also true that you may be hurting yourself in the long run.

The relation between longevity and protein in terms of gerontology

The above mentioned studies show only associations that are derived from restrained evidence. However, in terms of gerontology, the impact of protein on longevity has not become a hot topic of debate. In 2014, the American Federation for Aging Research carried out a discussion on “Optimal Protein Intake for Older Adults” and through this research-cum-discussion, no such definite answers were derived, except for the fact that consumption of protein has some strong impacts on your health. High protein diets might be effective in helping you lose weight but they may also have a harmful effect on your body.

Can plant-based protein have a different consequence?

As per a different study by humans, people consuming more of plant-based protein have a threefold increase in cancer mortality but overall there is no such positive impact on mortality. Consumers of animal protein, on the other hand, had huge increases in both. On the other hand, there are some other researches that show the benefits of consuming animal-based protein. Results show that the respondents who are within the age of 50 and 65 who consume moderate level of high protein, based on animals, display a higher increase in the risk of cancer mortality, as per the researchers.

Within the 50-65 age groups, the subjects within the high protein group showed a 75% increase in their risk of all-cause mortality and they were 4 times more likely to die of cancer when they were compared to the low-protein group. Hence, it can be clearly understood that high protein diets have both its cons and pros. Depending on your age; you have to ensure which diets are better for and which are suiting your current health conditions. Also try to know the exact amount of protein intake that you should take on a particular day. Extra consumption can have opposite impacts on your body. Avoid the pitfalls and try to concentrate on the benefits of proteins.

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