Blunders you should avoid in order to focus on the purpose of visiting a gym

Did you recently realize that there’s no change in your weight despite going regularly to gym and lifting weights and attending classes? If answered yes, you must be wondering about the reasons behind not getting any desired results even after working out. What is the purpose of paying the fees, attending the gym and getting late to the class and not being able to lose those extra pounds? Did you wonder whether or not you’re making the same gym mistakes that others do in the gym? The lifestyle that you need to follow in order to maintain a healthy body weight includes much more than controlling what you eat. Have a look at the gym mistakes that you should avoid in order to get positive results from rigorous workouts.

  1. Socializing more than exercising: There are lot of people who talk to each other a lot in the gym, says the director of education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine who is also a personal trainer for more than 20 years. The very next thing that they realize is that they’ve passed most of the time gossiping rather than exercising. Hence, if you want to see good results, you have to focus on your workout.
  2. Dearth of intensity: Are you someone who sees your gym time the perfect time to catch up on your books? Are you trying to lean on your machines? Majority of the people in the gym are simply going through the motions, even when they look like they’re just working out. Their idea is that as long as their body is moving, they will lose weight. But if you lack the intensity, exercising is nothing but a waste of time.
  3. Overestimating the caloric expense: Are you allowing the number on your cardio machine fool you in any way? Well, this is a very general number which has a number of variables that play a role in shaping this number. The machine might read out that you’ve burnt almost 500 calories, but in actuality, you may have just burnt 250. So, you should never let the machine trick and deceive you.
  4. Not changing your exercise program: When you keep practicing the same workout over and over again, the body doesn’t change as it has practically no reason to change. You may see an initial loss of weight but eventually you will reach a point of diminishing returns. If you like the feeling of aerobic machines, you should do what it only takes to maintain the mass of your body. In a nutshell, keep progressing and changing your exercise program if you want to get desirable results.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the mistakes that are not leading to a reduction of you weight, you can take into account the above mentioned blunders. When you’re in a gym, focus only on your exercise as there is lot of time to socialize once you’re done. For more information on gym, you may visit

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