Cardio Exercises For Your Body

Low or High Intensity Cardio Exercises Will Burn Fat

There are many different types of cardiovascular exercises. Whether low or high intensity, they will burn off fat from your body. How do you know which cardio exercise is suitable for you? Which cardio exercise will give you the best results?

The intensity of your exercise determines how much fat will be burned off. When doing low intensity exercises, your body burns higher amounts of fat than it does during high intensity exercise. In fact only carbohydrates get burned during high intensity exercises. The body extracts the carbohydrates stored in the liver and other organs for energy and exhausts it before it can begin burning fat.


Low Intensity Exercise Like Swimming Burns Off Fat

With so many overweight people around, it is easy to assume that these exercises are a waste of time. But there could be other factors that influence weight gain even as one puts some effort to exercise.

It has been scientifically proven that low intensity exercises such as swimming and walking result in the burning of more body fat. In high intensity exercises such as running, what gets burned off are calories, mostly from glycogen. Fat calories are what will be disposed of more.

To explain this point, here is how the body works. Every time your glycogen level goes low, the body converts the carbohydrates from your food into glycogen to fill the body reservoir. These will not be converted into body fat when left unused. They will be used primarily as an energy source.

Your Body Will Continue To Burn Off Fat Many Hours After Your Exercise Class

High intensity cardio exercise activates your metabolism to remain on the high long after your work out. This means that your body continues to burn fat for many hours after you have finished your exercise session. Low intensity and aerobic work outs however do not have the same effect.

By the end of the day, your body will burn more calories if you do high intensity cardio exercise than it would if you did a low intensity one.

It is not advisable to suddenly shoot to high intensity cardio work outs. What you can do is introduce short interval training sessions. For example, combine 5 minutes of walking with 5 more minutes of jogging and vice versa. Follow with brisk walking for a few minutes then break into a short sprint before resuming walking again. This alternate pattern should last at least 15 minutes per set until you are done with your session.

Cardio Exercise Will Keep Your Energy Levels High

Cardio is great for burning away stubborn calories and most importantly, keeping your energy levels high. If you keep doing it, you will notice that you become more energized.

If you like exercising, consider cardio as the best form of exercise to keep you in top shape. It will also keep you in top shape. You do not have to have done it before to begin. Any time is a good beginning time. You will only need to go slow at first for the body to adjust and also to avoid exerting yourself.

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