Common ENT Problems Treated by Princeton Otolaryngolosts Today

There are many cases of infections and issues with ears, nasal passages and the throat reported in hospitals daily. This therefore means that every hospital and clinic must have an ENT doctor to cater to the patients with these issues. The treated and reported cases vary and may all be different. Some of the common ENT ailments include:

  • Sinus infections

This is one of the commonly treated ENT ailments. This occurs when sinuses are inflamed and filled with fluid rather than air. The accumulated fluid causes blockages and congestion around the nose. The fluid is favorable for bacterial growth leading to bacterial infection and resultant sinus infections. It is commonly called sinusitis and can cause pain around your eyes and headaches.

The common causes of sinusitis are allergies, colds and/ or nasal polyps. Decongestants and antibiotics are prescribed to treat sinusitis.

  • Allergies

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever causes affects the ENT in most cases. The nose inhales pollen, dust, dander as well as air(cold/ smoky etc). These substances may initiate allergic reactions and inflammation in the airways. Though these allergens are common, the body of an allergic person reacts to them causing inflammation and irritation. An ENT will helpdiagnose the cause of the allergy and prescribe the right medication to alleviate and manage your allergy.

  • Cough

Coughing as a result of common cold or other infections is treated by ENT daily. There are many cough cases affecting children and adults. Depending on the severity and the cause of the cough, Princeton ENT doctors offer the best treatment courses for cough. Coughing in asthmatics is handled with caution and given the right medication.

  • Sleep apnea

Despite what you may think, you are not the only one experiencing sleep apnea. There are many reported cases in hospitals. It is a dangerous sleep disorder that results in breathlessness while sleeping. Obstructive sleep apnea
(caused by relaxation of the smooth muscles of the throat), central sleep apnea (as a result of improper signals sent by your brain), and the complex sleep apnea syndrome (both obstructive and central causes) are diagnosed and treated by ENT doctors.

  • Snoring

You snore when air flows through your throat and the smooth muscles are relaxed. The air flow causes vibration of tissues resulting in the snoring sound. You will get the best remedies from your EMT specialists.

  • Post-nasal drainage

Excess mucus dripping could be an indicator of health conditions like flu, colds, sinusitis, deviated septum, allergies, and in some cases pregnancy. Visit you ENT if you experience nasal dripping for the problems to be resolved fast.

  • Thyroid issues

The thyroid controls your metabolism. Therefore, your diagnostician may refer you to an ENT specialist to have a thyroid exam so as to ascertain the cause of your metabolic problems. Goiter, thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism will be diagnosed and you will be given medication.

  • Ear infections

An otolaryngologist understands your ear structure and is the best person to seek medical help to avoid hearing loss or other associated diseases. They are either bacterial or viral infections and can be treated and managed if diagnosed early.

Hearing loss is also diagnosed and reversed (if possible) by ENT specialists.

  • Tonsillitis

Inflammation of the tonsils is painful and is characterized by a sore throat, swollen tonsils, and difficulty swallowing. Your lymph nodes may also be tender on both sides indicating some form of viral or bacterial infection. Can be treated using medication though surgery is a common cause of action to treat it permanently.

In conclusion, you should not put off ENT issues. They could signal bigger problems. Therefore, visiting an ENT is crucial to treat all ENT conditions.


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Sam Linden is an ENT doctor with years of experience on the job.  Visit the Princeton ENT website to learn more about ENT diseases and the medications available. You can also book an appointment online to prevent the long wait.

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