Common Misconceptions about Losing Weight

Almost everybody wants to achieve a healthy body, but only few are making efforts to put their dream into reality. At present, the norm of being healthy is highly associated with having a sexy figure. If you have a size more than what is deemed average, then you are not healthy; you are fat. This belief is somewhat very alarming as more and more people are resorting to do reckless things just to speed up their weight loss process. People tend to exert themselves too much and do crazy routines, all for the sake of losing weight.

There are a lot of tips found on the internet about how to lose weight real quick, but some of them are just fabricated stories and are not recommended by nutritionists or dieticians. Some of these stories seem like believable enough, so you are swayed to follow them. Here, we try to tackle some common misconceptions about losing weight and why people tend to believe them.

No to sweet food

Sure, sugar is definitely a source of calories, but it does not mean that you have to cut your sugar intake all together. Avoiding sugar alone does not guarantee weight loss. Not all sweet food is bad for the health and not all food that isn’t sweet is good either. People associate the word ‘sweet’ to calories, which can be true, but not at all times. Ripe bananas, sweet mangoes, etc. are sweet but we eat them because they are good for our health. Eating a moderate amount of everything is the key.

Exercise Everyday

This is absolutely a misconception that most people believed in. Too much exercise is bad for your health, specifically for your heart. There was a research conducted in Germany that studies how too much exercise can actually endanger one’s heart. It claimed that doing strenuous exercise can cause serious heart disease and stroke. It is also supported by a Swedish study published in Journal Heart which states that young adults who engage themselves in more than five hours of exercise a week is more prone to heart problems when they get older.

Forget about drinking alcohol

Well, this seems to be a very good health advice, only this is somewhat false when it comes to losing weight. Alcohol actually helps burn the fats you eat. It is only when drinking alcohol is not monitored that it can lead to serious damage. Also, when you are cautious which alcohol to drink, then gaining weight would never be an issue. In fact, drinking wine after a heavy meal is considered to be an effective way to burn down calories.

Sexy body is equal to healthy body

You could not be more wrong if you are one of those people who believed in this fallacy. Having a great figure does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. Many models and sexy celebrities are diagnosed with serious diseases even though they appear to be healthy. A person’s physical appearance is not a reliable indicator of one’s health condition.

If looks can be deceiving, so is one’s body figure. It is still better to always have yourself checked by experts to ensure your health. Also, being healthy is no longer about physical matters alone; it is also having the healthy mindset to go with. Educate yourself with the proper way to be healthy and you will surely get a positive result.

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