Cosmetic surgery – The procedures and whether it interferes with pregnancy

Cosmetic gynecology is a field which is gaining popularity as it focuses on enhancing the function of the entire genital area of the female reproductive system and also improves its appearance. Depending on the particular situation of a patient, there are various techniques which are offered and with the various options that are available nowadays, there’s no such reason for you to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about the way in which your genitals look.

When women start aging, sometimes due to the result of childbirth and delivery issues, the vaginal muscles shrink and loosen and leave the skin to be stretched out. Although there are some exercises which can increase muscle tone but they are not always effective. It is then that cosmetic gynecology or aesthetic gynecology works to retain vitality and youth in the genital area, ensuring tightness.

Procedures used in cosmetic gynecology

While there are many cosmetic gynecology procedures which include surgeries, here is a list that you may know of.

Rejuvenation of vagina – An old method turned new

Previously, vaginal rejuvenation started off as a surgical method for repairing weak walls of your vagina and curing incontinence. Such surgeries also tighten the vagina which results in a satisfaction during sexual intercourse both for the girl and her partner. Recently, this method has been adapted by the aesthetic gynecologists to focus only on tightening and strengthening the muscles of the vagina. As it’s less invasive nowadays, due to the use of laser therapy, it leads to fewer complications and faster healing process.

Vaginoplasty – An umbrella term for a range of techniques to improve the vagina

Some of the famous procedures involve:

  • Hymenoplasty: This is a surgical procedure of mending the hymen or the thin layer of tissue which is located at the opening of the vagina. This method restores the hymen to the pre-intercourse period and is known as revirgination.
  • Clitoral unhooding: A clitoral unhooding is the removal of the skin tissue which usually covers the clitoris during old age. There are women who face less sensation and feeling during sex due to this skin. Hence this is removed.
  • Vulvar lipoplasty: This procedure repairs the mons pubis which is the rounded area of skin that covers the pubic bones. When fat deposits near the mons pubis, a woman might feel less feminine. Vulvar lipoplasty does liposuction of the pockets of fat and reshapes the vagina making it more attractive.

Cosmetic surgery during pregnancy – Is it recommended?

Well, cosmetic surgeries during and before pregnancies is strongly advised against by the gynecologists. When you’re pregnant, that may hurt your baby and if you’re trying to get pregnancy, it might hurt your outer reproductive system and reduce the chances of conceiving. Hence, beautifying your genitals should be done after you’re blessed with a healthy baby.

As there are risks and benefits of all kinds of surgery, aesthetic gynecology too poses some risks. You may develop infection, have a feeling of discomfort and pain and develop a scar tissue. Nevertheless, all these can be minimized by choosing a professional and experienced doctor who has performed such surgeries successfully before.

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