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Also known as a rhinoplasty, this is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is conducted so as to alter the shape and form of the nose. This procedure is conducted so as to make the nose look better and more proportionate to the rest of the face. In some cases, a nose job is performed so as to help the patient breathe better. In most cases, people get plastic surgery for their nose so as to look more attractive. Which characteristics of the nose can be altered using this procedure? Read on to learn more.

What can this procedure change in your face?

This type of plastic surgery has many effects on your nose and the rest of your face. These changes include:

  1. Change in the size of the nose when compared to the rest of the face
  2. Width and smoothness of the nose at the bridge
  3. The position of the nostrils
  4. The shape of the nasal tip. A rhinoplasty will adjust a nasal tip that is either hooked, upturned, bulbous or drooping
  5. The overall symmetry of the nose

Many patients who go under the scalpel seek the most symmetrical face possible by adjusting the appearance of the nose. The cosmetic surgeon applies their skills to do this as best as possible. Plastic surgery nose jobs normally have a number of significant effects on the patient.

Effects of this type of cosmetic surgery

A rhinoplasty can change the size, angle and shape of the nose. It can also eliminate any structures that may prevent breathing by congesting the nose. By improving the appearance of the nose, this type of plastic surgery can significantly improve one’s self image by making you more attractive. Due to this fact, men and women normally have this procedure done.

Types of nose plastic surgery

There are two types of nose plastic surgery. They include:

  • The open rhinoplasty
  • The endonasal rhinoplasty

An open rhinoplasty

In this type of plastic surgery nose job, the cosmetic surgeon makes incisions on the outer part of the nose. These are performed between the nostrils. They are further connected with other cuts made inside the nose. The surgeon works this way until the desired shape and form of the nose is achieved.

There are surgeons who prefer this method. They indicate that it opens up the nose fully and they are able to see the various parts of the nose easier. In addition to that, they get a more direct path to conduct surgery. Once an open nose job is completed, the scars are not visible and the nose looks better than before.

An endonasal rhinoplasty

This is a type of plastic surgery nose job where the surgeon performs the incisions on the inner passages of the nose. These incisions are not visible from the outer part of the nose. As a result, the rhinoplasty remains discreet. Some surgeons prefer this method of surgery because they can see the nasal structures easier and there is little or no scarring.


The plastic surgery nose job is one of the most commonly conducted cosmetic procedures conducted today. Many people have it done so as to reshape their nose and become more attractive. If you want a prettier face looking back at you in the mirror, you can undergo a rhinoplasty.


Flammel Sanders is a cosmetic surgeon. She has conducted thousands of plastic surgery nose jobs in her ten year career. Her expertise is sought by celebrities, music stars, the rich elite and models from all over the world. Her extensive knowledge about rhinoplasty and plastic surgery in general has been indicated in this report.

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