Easy steps for setting up a weight loss fundraising campaign

A fundraiser without an element of fun and engagement usually does not get much attention when seeking funds online. Online fundraising platforms are free and anyone can start a campaign. This results in hundreds if not thousands of fundraisers or seeking donations from the same crowd. In order to make your fundraiser stand out and more interesting you can start a weight loss fundraising campaign.

A weightless fundraising campaign will keep your audiences glued to the progress of the campaign as you achieve your milestones in the process. It gives the fundraiser character and something to look forward to when making a donation. It also doubles up as a way to get healthy as well. You can start a weight loss fundraising campaign in the best fundraising websites for anything from education, paying medical bills or even building a home for a homeless person.

  1. Create your fundraiser on a fundraising website

There are quite a number of easy to use and widely accepted fundraising websites where people often come to make donations for fundraisers. Once you have identified the website, you can set up a fund easily since most do not have an application process. Give your fund a suitable title that will get people interested just from the headline. Remember to describe the reason for the fundraiser in details that the donor would be curious to know about. Include that you are willing to lose weight for the donations.

  1. Set your targets

You should set your targets for the weight loss campaign as part of your fundraiser description. These targets should be in line with the amount of donations you expect to receive in your fundraiser. This will encourage donors to give as they follow your progress in achieving your goals both physically and in the fundraiser. Keep it interesting by regularly updating progress pictures and even some of the activities in your weight loss program.

  1. Share your store all over the internet

Exposure leads to more donations and you should be very proactive in sharing your fundraiser details and weight loss progress all over the internet. Social media platforms are some of the best places to start a viral campaign. Because people are not simply donating but following a story, you will keep audiences engaged the entire time until you achieve your target amount for the fundraiser. Social media friends and followers will share the story to their friends who will also do the same giving you more exposure to a greater variety of people willing to donate.

  1. Set up offline and online payments

There are various ways you can receive payments offline and online. Receiving online payments from major credit cards such as American express, MasterCard and visa makes it easy to receive global donations from people who come across your story in different parts of the world. You can also receive offline payments from local donors by giving your contact information and address if you are comfortable with it. Soon your fundraiser will be hitting targets.


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