Fat Burning Foods for Diabetes

As a diabetic, keeping a healthy weight can be the difference between a healthy life and one filled with health problems. Getting into shape is crucial for those with diabetes in order to stabilize the blood sugar and live a healthier life overall. Luckily, burning fat does not mean having to starve. Here are some fat burning foods that diabetics should make a part of their regular daily life.


Teas are all around excellent options for any diet. A natural green tea is a great way to get the system going, especially when it is hot. A cup of green tea in the morning and at night can help the body burn fat easier, and can speed up the metabolism. Tea also goes great with diabetic recipes, as a nutritious drink on the side.


Fish such as salmon are an excellent food for those who have diabetes. Fish contain lean protein, which is a major component of the diabetic body. With diabetes, certain meats can cause a bad reaction within the body. With fish, the body gets a major boost and can help to burn fat as well. Create your own diabetic sushi with good cuts of healthy fish.


Spicy peppers not only make food more interesting, but they also help to burn calories. Peppers help to increase the metabolism. By increasing the metabolism, burning fat and calories gets a lot easier. Adding peppers to meal in order to give it a little more flavor is a great idea for diabetics who are attempting to drop a few pounds.

Brown Rice

Though some people think of rice as a food that diabetics cannot have, brown rice is fine. Brown rice has a low glycemic rating, making it a great substitute for white rice and other white carbohydrates. Another great point about brown rice is that it causes the body to work harder to break down, thereby burning more calories. Adding a side of brown rice to a meal is a great way to blast body fat.


Vegetables are some of the lowest calorie and most nutritious foods that you can find. Vegetables such as celery are low in calories and heighten the water intake for the body. Broccoli offers fiber that is perfect for the digestive system and creating a feeling of being full. Tomatoes can give you the little bit of sugar that you need in order to get rid of the cravings for bad foods.

When it comes to vegetables, make sure you select choices that are fresh or frozen, rather than inside of a can. Pure vegetables, rather than those that have additives help to fight fat and keep the body in good condition to burn more calories.

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