Few Tips From the Fitness Queen: Emily Skye

If you’re positively obsessed with your body and want to get lean and skinny then now is the time for you to stop following the clichéd orthodox advices and go to the fitness experts who are dealing with real life people. Most of the time people dream about becoming unbelievably smart and skinny. This mostly happens when they reach out to fitness magazines and find strikingly thin and smart women there.

The pictures inside the magazines are carefully edited and cropped to present some mythical ideal figures. Magazines like Oxygen, Daily Mail, Hello and Women’s Health are famous around the world for their fitness tips and advices. But here we present a woman, whose life story is not only awe inspiring but the opinions she present have been termed by people as totally pragmatic and doable by ordinary beings. Emily Skye, a woman fitness expert, has some of the following advices for the young and adult women who are interested in losing some pounds in the most convenient way possible.


Eat to Stay Young

As is the case with everyone, women too want forever to stay young. In order to achieve this goal they spend quite a lot of money in buying pills and potions but do not think about it for a moment that this could turn against them or react in a bad way. So, following are some of the fruits and veggies that Emily Skye suggests along with the ingredients they carry. Berries is the fruit that everyone should eat. Their ingredients are anti-oxidants which help improve the functioning of brain.


Sweet Potato, which is actually quite accessible in subcontinent is another one to look for. They contain Vitamin A & C, both are vital for health. Pomegranates, Olive Oil and Green Tea are other food that you should consume more often. Some of the online marketplaces like Kaymu and Beautyshop offer health care products online.

Try Yoga Poses at your home

One thing is for sure, in order to stay young and healthy, you need to relax your grey matter as much as you can. Stay tension free and try some yoga at your home to lose a dozen of pounds. Emily Skye suggests some of the poses she love. Legs up the wall is one of the common ways of doing exercise and Emily totally endorse this exercise. Just to ease yourself from some stress and tiredness stay in this pose for a while and you’ll feel the difference later. Child’s pose is another way to calm yourself down. This prostration pose is very soothing and relaxing.

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