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Get beautiful eyes by using eye serum – Bid goodbye to dull eyes

The area around the eye is one of the first places which show signs of aging and great skincare plays a pivotal role in fighting against the first signs of aging. Settling down with an effective eyecream is not an easy task and you might feel overwhelmed to choose the best one for your type of skin. Eye creams are often endorsed as specially made for the sensitive and thin skin around your eyes so that you can get rid of dark circles, puffiness or sagging skin but in most cases, they fail to live up to their grandiose promises. This is the reason why people keep buying one eye cream after another as they’re never satisfied with the results that they face. If your eyes have started aging already, you’ll get help from this article. Keep reading.

What should you look for while buying an eye cream?

The foremost thing that you need to realize is that the skin around your eye needs ingredients which are totally different from the rest of your face. You must be thinking that the area of the eye is more sensitive than the other portion of your face and it is indeed so. However it is also true that the skin around the face should be given formulas which don’t lead to sensitivity or irritation. It is pretty worrisome to see that there are some irritating ingredients like synthetic fragrance, fragrant plant oils or sensitive plant extracts which can easily cause pro-aging inflammation.

What your eyes actually need are cell-communication ingredients, antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients and formulas free of fragrance just as what you need for the remaining portion of your face. If you’re using an effective serum or moisturizer, that should be the perfect choice for your eye area too.

The difference between eye creams and eye serums

Well, in short, there lies no such noticeable difference between eye creams and eye serums. For all purposes, eye creams and eye serums are the same product and they will work in the same manner. In general, eye serums are a bit more viscous and not as thick as the eye creams. They are usually found in droppers and tubes which need to be applied directly on the affected portion of the eye. It doesn’t need to be rubbed with your fingers.

Then why are some products called eye creams and why are some called eye serums?

Well, that might be marketing gimmicks as majority of the companies think that the word ‘serum’ sounds more official and scientific than the old word ‘cream’. The word ‘serum’ sounds more technically advanced, isn’t it and don’t you think people will buy serums more than creams.

When should you start using an eye cream?

The skin around your eyes is drier than the remaining portion and hence you need a more emollient formula to take care of your eyes. A moisturizer that you apply on your face won’t be enough for your eyes and hence this is the time when you should opt for separate eye creams.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the eye serums that you should use, you can consider the eye serum guide 2016 and help yourself get beautiful eyes.

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