Cellulite Patients

Guide to the Best Cellulite Treatment for Cellulite Patients

Cellulite is a type of fat that creates a dimple and cottage cheese like appearance on your skin. Most people have some cellulite fat deposits hidden in the various parts of their bodies. Many people are interested in getting rid of their cellulite fats because they do not look nice on them. There are a few types of treatments for cellulite fat such as cellulite creams and liposuction. There have been scientific studies that claim that the cellulite creams can produce negative side effects such as allergic reaction and obstructing the blood vessels. Liposuction is another treatment method that involved surgical operation to eliminate the cellulite fat deposits under the skin. Luposuction can be dangerous since it is a surgical operation and many patients claim that the operated area seemed to have from a depression.

A more effective way to treat cellulite fat is the Syneron Velashape. Syneron Velashape is a non invasive cellulite treatment and it offers immediate recovery time. It can be used to remove fats in certain areas in the body including neck, thigh, abdomen and leg. It is the first FDA approved non surgical machine that reduce the cellulite fat with the use of radio frequency and infrared light. It uses a technology that can manipulate the issue with the use of vacuum to eliminate the cellulite fat. You won’t suffer from any physical side effect after you undergoing the operation such as swelling and pain. It takes only 4 treatment sessions to completely get rid of the cellulite fat from the body. Survey shows that there is at least a 97% of patients that experience at least 7cm reduction of the cellulite fat after undergoing the treatment.

Another Syneron body shaping technology for cellulite treatment is the Syneron Ultrashape. Syneron Ultrashape is also a FDA approved machine for reducing the circumference of the belly that is due to the cellulite fat. It uses pulsed ultrasound technology to eliminate away the cellulite fat around the tissues. It is a safe tratment method as it won’t cause any harm to your muscles and nerves. It will destroy the triglyceries and other types of wastes in the body that form the cellulite during the treatment.

The triglycerides that are released during the treatment procedure will not affect the operation of the liver. You will notice a visible improvement in the reduction of the cellulite fat in the UltraShape treatment in as little as 2 weeks. The procedure usually lasts for 6 weeks and you will undergo a treatment every 2 week. Survey shows that there are more than 94% patients that experience significant improvement after undergoing the Syneron UltraShape treatment. The procedure only last for 45 minutes and you have the option of completing the treatment your own convenient time.

In conclusion, both Velashape and Ultrashape offers a wide selection of body shaping indications. Velashape is ideal fr people who want to reduce the cellulite fat in all over their body. On the other hand, Ultrashape is used specifically to treat cellulite fat deposits that are stored in certain areas in the body.

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