How to Lose Weight and Keep it off

People who are so overweight, that they are considered to be obese, often find the simplest of daily tasks a challenge to complete; being morbidly obese often results in mental and physical health issues. Statistics show that even though more than 34% of Americans are obese, the average American citizen continues to exist on a diet of high-calorie, high-cholesterol, super-sized meals from a combination of fast food outlets.

The majority of people who battle with obesity have been overweight for most of their lives. They tend to have physical ailments, such as heart disease, hip, and knee problems, as well as battling with mental health issues such as low self-esteem, depression, and are generally unhappy with themselves. As a result, they end up introverted, staying at home, and hiding away from life, instead of being well-adjusted, confident and independent, out-going people.

Obese people often find themselves trapped in a cycle where they feel the need to keep on eating so that they feel an emotional high for a short time. In reality, they are actually still eating too much, and as a result, they keep on gaining weight.

Are you obese and trapped in this cycle of over-eating? Do you despair of ever being able to break out of the trap you are in?  The good news is that there is hope. You can break out of this cycle. However, it is not a magical process; it is a process and a journey. It is also important to realise that losing weight and keeping it off cannot be achieved by diet alone. You need a complete lifestyle overhaul. Here are some simple tips to help you change your lifestyle and embark on the journey of losing weight and keeping it off:

Set realistic long-term goals

A fair number of overweight people follow a diet plan, lose the weight and then go back to eating all the unhealthy foods they used to eat. It’s better to set a goal weight that you would like to achieve. Once you have set your goals, you need to change your eating habits and lead a healthier lifestyle. This will enable you to lose the excess weight as well as maintain your goal weight for the rest of your life.

Choose a fitness program

In order to lose the excess weight and keep it off, you need to combine a healthy eating plan with an exercise plan. This fitness program needs to include aerobic exercise as it gets your heart pumping and burns fat. In my experience, it is important to find an accountability partner; someone to exercise with and who will encourage you when you have down days. An accountability partner can either be a friend or a personal trainer – consider using iFitness Programs as a way to connect with a personal trainer and accountability partner.

Seek psychological help

Many people who are obese often have mental health issues which cause the weight gain. It is amazing that, even in our modern day society, it is still seen as a weakness to seek counselling for past traumatic experiences. Again, in my experience, it is very difficult to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle if you have experienced some trauma in your life that you believe it is your fault and do not seek help to work through the trauma.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion and experience, deciding to make the lifestyle changes necessary to lose your excess weight and keep it off, is worthwhile decision. As a result, you will experience an increase in the quality of your life.  You will be more content and better able to cope with the challenges of our hectic lifestyle.

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