How to Meet Your Professional and Weight Loss Goals in 2017

You’d think that through the advancement of technology, engineers and scientists would’ve figured out a way for busy professionals to just be able to take a magic pill that would help them to juggle their responsibilities. While there may be newer and easier methods for eating healthy, getting the amount of exercise you need and still having time available to do more than just show up for work, staying fit and having a great career at the same time, is still quite difficult. Ironically, when you look at a career oriented professional who is moving ahead and managing to keep his or her BMI within range, the first thing you think is that they are a major success. Just think back to your days in college studying for an MSW online and try to rethink what you did when you wanted to make the Dean’s list, but you still wanted to hang out late at night with your friends.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

From the get go, you’re going to have to realize that you will not be creating a swimsuit ready body, lowering your blood pressure and becoming your boss’s new favorite employee in a week or less. Meeting your weight loss goals, even if you just want to shave off a couple of pounds, is going to take time and preparation if you want to keep the weight off permanently. Likewise, changing the way that you diet and exercise is also going to have a profound effect on your work. Packing healthy lunches, getting up early enough so that you can prepare a hot, fresh and balanced breakfast and then going to the gym a few times a week require planning.

Adding More to Your Plate

So you are fairly used to your new weight loss routine, and you even been managing to stay productive at work while changing your eating habits. While maintaining positive change is a good thing, you are going to need to challenge yourself if you are to stay on your weight loss target. After getting accustomed to eating leaner and exercising more, start challenging yourself. Instead of working out for 30 minutes after work, increase it to 45 minutes.

‘Cheat Meals’ and Time Off

After really staying on track, you will start to feel your pants getting loose, and going to work will actually be more fun because you won’t be thinking about what types of meals you should eat or how long you need to work out all the time. Whether you’re in the middle of earning your online MSW or are only a few pounds from meeting your weight loss goal, taking a break can do wonders for your diet. Eating a single meal that’s high in calories and fat will send your body through a loop, causing it to work harder to burn off the extra energy it assumes you will be consuming regularly.

Some people can eat whatever they want, stay in shape and wow both their bosses and peers with seemingly minimal effort. For all the regular people out there really struggling, it’s time to get motivated. Whether you find it easier to lose weight or focus on your career, remember that with effort, you can actually do both.

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