Life-Threatening Side Effects Prompt Xarelto Lawsuit Filing

For a medicine that has been hit by hundreds of lawsuits across the country, Xarelto was again pushed into the limelight on Tuesday. A local couple from Ohio filed a suit against the drug alleging that the manufacturers of the drug have deliberately withheld information pertaining to the risks that are caused by the usage of the drug.

Looking at the contents of the lawsuit and it has leveled serious charges against the manufacturers of Xarelto.

However, the drug resulted in an adverse condition of the lady as she suffered from anemia and gastrointestinal bleed just 8-weeks after she started taking the medicine. Moreover, the anemia resulted in internal bleeding which exposed the lady to severe pain and discomfort.

Thus, citing the aforementioned condition as a reason for their lawsuit, the Couple has asked the court to hold the Manufacturers of Xarelto liable for the damage that the drug has caused to them. Moreover, they have asked more than $150,000 in damages.

Side effects of Xarelto

In some parts of the country, the Doctors have stopped prescribing the medicine to the patients who have an artificial heart valve. Back pain, bleeding gums, nose bleeds and numbness are the most common side effects of this drug, as per Medsnews.

Moreover, even if you have started taking this medicine and decide to stop taking it suddenly, it could expose you to an elevated risk of a heart stroke or the formation of a blood clot.

Is FDA Involved in this case?

Although the FDA is not a party in this particular case, its formal warning against Xarelto could be used by the lawyers of the filers in this case.

Both of the warnings that were issued by the FDA towards the manufacturers of Xarelto were termed as “black box” warnings. According to the Industry Jargon, this is a very serious warning from the regulatory agency and the failure to comply with this warning might prompt the FDA to order the removal of the drug from the shelves.

Is this the first lawsuit filed against Xarelto?

Although the numbers that are discussed in this case are huge, the Ohio Lawsuit is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, more than 3500 lawsuits that have been filed against Xarelto nationwide. Providing you a glimpse of the mess that Xarelto has created, more than 2800 lawsuits have been combined into a single Multi-district-litigation (MDL).

The Mass tort lawyers aren’t far behind as, in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia, some 550 lawsuits have been combined into a mass tort program.

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