Lose Weight with Yoga and Reduce Chronic Back Pain

One of the leading reasons people visit a doctor is pain, specifically lower back pain. The back is very susceptible to injuries and being placed in stressful situations through failure to maintain good posture, and repeating poor health choices. By looking at inversion tables for sale and reviews, you can help build the core muscles that you need to keep your back healthy. However, tables can be costly, so here are a few yoga moves that will help you lose weight and reduce the chronic pain.

yoga Spine Lengthening

Sitting comfortably with your legs crossed or straight in front of you, raise your arms above your head with your fingers touching. You want to try to have your biceps touching your ears and your elbows straight, but it may take some practice to get into the full pose. Hold the position for 20 seconds and then deepen the stretch by pulling your stomach towards your spine. This will help stretch the spine out, especially if you have been sitting for an extended period of time.

Spine Stretch Forward

This stretch is similar to the lengthening, but your hands will stretch out in front of you instead of over your head. This stretch helps release the pressure that is built up in your upper back. After you complete the stretch, place your hands on the floor beside your hips and push your chest out, forcing your spine to stretch the other direction.

Downward Dog

The downward dog is when you have your feet flat on the floor, your hands flat on the floor, and your butt in the air. You want to keep your back straight and work to get the legs as straight as possible. This is an extremely soothing position, but also one that will work the gluteal muscles that help support the lower back.

Forward Bend

Similar to the downward dog, the forward bend requires you to have your feet on the floor and bend at the knees, letting your stomach slowly come to your thighs. Drop your arms down and relax your body. With each breath you take, release more tension. This pose not only helps your back but will also help burn fat.


If you are just starting out in yoga, the wall plank will be the best place to start. Stand facing a wall and place your palms flat against the wall. Stretch your legs back as far as possible until you are in an L shape. Hold the pose for as long as possible, breathing deeply. Planks can also be done on the floor with the arms straight or on the elbows. The goal is to engage the core, strengthening the back.

After you have finished a yoga stretch, it is best to let your body relax into child’s pose. This yoga move is what puts your spine back into a natural curve and is in a resting state. As you increase the strength in your back, you will find it easier to do other fat burning yoga poses.

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