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Quench your Thirst with These Refreshing, Tasty and Healthy Drinks

On a scorching day of Summer, the best way you quench your thirst is opting for a healthy frozen drink. It will help you to relax and get the energy back. Healthy drinks keeps the body hydrated and retains the moisture content especially in the summer season when the body sweats too much. Besides that they keep obesity-related issues at bay. So it’s time to switch to some healthy drinks instead of those artificial fizzy & fruit concentrated ones. Here are some genuine healthy and refreshing drinks you must include in your diet.

Pomegranate Punch

Reap the health benefits of pomegranate by consuming this juice. You can make it by mixing pomegranate juice with orange juice. Pomegranate juice is extremely invigorating all on its own, but for more punch and vitality, you can add some ginger ale in the concoction. Put some ice and and add a gush of black cherry accumulated drink syrup, you will automatically get health, taste and refreshment. Only use a commercial slush machine for blending all the ingredients together and forming a smoothie.


Watermelon Slush

Combine watermelon, sugar, and 1 cup ice in one of the frozen drink machines and you can get taste and health together. You can even add a little bit of freshly squeezed lime juice for giving it a tangy flavor. You can also add a little amount of vodka to make it more special. Serve the nourishing drink immediately after preparing and enjoy its superb taste.

Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea

A tea brew is as revitalizing as it gets and it also comes with zero calories. The fresh and pure tea leaves will boost your concentration and combat diseases. But make sure that the ice tea that you have prepared does not contain sugar as it will counterbalance its nutritional value.

Fresh mint iced tea is best for health conscious people. For making fresh mint tea, pour a beaker of boiling water all over 5 newly picked leaves. Peppermint tea is also beneficial for our health considering its benefits. So all those who are addicted to tea, switch to cold herbal tea brews for staying fit and healthy.

Hibiscus Cooler

Hibiscus frozen drink and smoothie is an infusion of herbal hibiscus tea with fruit juice. Use apple juice with hibiscus tea is as it is enriched with vitamin C and it is believed to bring down blood pressure. You can make them easily at home by brewing hibiscus tea and then blending with the nutritious apple juice and one part frosty cold water. So replace all the artificial sugary beverages that you used to drink in the past with this superb hibiscus cooler.

Boysenberry and Blueberry Smoothie:

Try out this healthy beverage as it will do more than quenching your thirst. Take 1/2 beaker of boysenberries and 1/2 a beaker of blueberries to a 1 beaker of yogurt and put ice into one of the frozen drink machines! Blueberries have several health benefits and can keep diabetes or blood sugar levels in control. It also gives uninterrupted energy level in comparison to the frizzy and sugary drinks. Boysenberries stimulate our thinking abilities and boosts our energy to a great extent.

Strawberry Day Dream Smoothie

For preparing this refreshing frozen drink, you will require large fresh strawberries almost 10 in number, chopped banana, strawberry yogurt etc. To make it more savory and rich add orange juice (only a splash of it). Blend all the ingredients together and let it chill by keeping into the refrigerator. Then, serve and enjoy this delectable smoothie.

Frozen Arnold Palmer

Low calorie health beverages and drinks have always been popular and frozen Arnold Palmer is just one of them. For this, you need lemons, juice, sugar, unsweetened iced tea and ice cubes. Mix all of them together with the help of a frozen machine and serve it in a chilled state. The drink is fortified with proteins which are considered to be the building blocks of life.

Copycat Jamba Juice Orange Dream Smoothie

Get the goodness of milk and orange juice together in this amazing low-calorie smoothie. Get started by taking scoops low-fat frozen vanilla yogurt, scoops orange sherbet ice cream, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup orange juice and 1/2 cup ice. Mix all the ingredients, chill them and enjoy its fantabulous taste.

Blended Iced Mocha

If you are fond of chocolates, then this is what you need to tickle your taste buds. Mix all the ingredients such as 1 cup coffee, chilly low-fat milk, 3 ice cubes
and 1 teaspoon cocoa powder together to form a rich paste. This rich appetizer is just what you need to pep yourself up as well as get the nutrition provided by milk.

Cherry Chocolate Shake

Everybody loves eating chocolates and its aroma can simply lifts our mood when we are depressed. This one is simply amazing as it combines a fruity flavor and chocolaty zest. Combine it with a delicious fruit like cherry and together they can be more scrumptious. To get started, take fresh or frozen cherries, coconut milk, chocolate dessert, dates, ice cubes, chia seeds etc. Combine all ingredients together in a slush machine and serve it chilled when guests arrive or you simply want to beat the heat in the summer season.

To conclude, health drinks when served with warmth and hospitality can be as delicious as we expect them to be. So serve them in parties as well as everyday to enjoy their tremendous health benefits and revitalizing capacity.

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