Tips on Hiring Caterers in Birmingham

Catering in Birmingham is big business and there are lots of different vendors providing a similar (yet often very different) service. Hiring caterers doesn’t need to cause you too much stress; in fact, it should relieve you of a lot of stress, allowing you to concentrate on nothing but your special occasion. However, you don’t want to hire any old caterers, so we have a few tips on ensuring you get the best caterers for your money.

Do Your Research

Visit the websites of multiple Birmingham catering firms, such as Spend time on the website and find out as much as you can before you send an email or give them a call. Once you find a few firms that have impressed you with their online offerings we recommend checking online to see if you can find any negative reviews and to ask your friends if they have used the services of any of your favourites. It’s always a good idea to go on the experience of others. Don’t allow the reviews to make your mind up for you; try to find genuine responses and not ones from rival firms.

Planning the Menu

Speak to the Birmingham caterers about your event and your expectations. They may be able to recommend different options that would fit in with the occasion and the time of year. Inform the caterers about how many people you’re expecting, your budget and the different age ranges and dietary restrictions that need to be catered for. A good caterer will not be fazed by any information you provide and should be able to advise you on the menu options, come up with alternative options and help you to create a menu that fits in with your budget.

Don’t Go By Photos Alone

Photographers can make anything look good and you should bear this in mind when trying to find a caterer. Look at the photos but ask to try some samples and see the food in person, never hire a firm before you have carried out this step. By sampling the menu you’ll be able to taste the different flavours and test the skill of the professionals, while ensuring the photos are genuine and not just a false front for the company.

Ask About Extra Services

This isn’t a deal breaker but it is worth seeing if the caterers are able to help you with any of their additional services. Some will be able to provide tables and chairs, table linen, bartenders and more. You might not require these services but it’s worth asking if you’re looking at ways of streamlining the event and managing your budget more efficiently.

Budget Per Person and Overall

Have your food budget mapped out and ensure you know where every penny will be spent. Ask the caterer to give you a breakdown of the services and food that is being provided – both as an overall cost and per person. Keep on top of the budget and avoid any additional expenses by asking the firm to be open about any extra costs, deposits or other fees that are not disclosed on the invoice or written quotation.


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