Ultimate gadgets and accessories for your Android to help with weight loss

Are you starting a weight loss campaign? Feeling daunted about shedding some of those excess pounds? Well don’t be! Because there is plenty of help and support out there to help you in your quest for a slimmer, fitter body.

Whether it’s for health reasons or simply to feel happier about your shape, you are certainly not alone in wanting to lose weight. The fact that so many of us are taking steps to make lifestyle changes that result in healthier, firmer physiques means there is an awful lot of advice and help out there on offer.

Look at the big picture

At the start of your weight loss campaign, it’s best to think about how you are going to approach it on a holistic basis. The most effective weight loss programs tend to be the ones that combine a range of elements, rather than focusing on a narrow methodology. Those who just count calories but don’t blend it with an increase in exercise, for example, will have less effective results than those who make alterations to their diet and raise their level of physical activity.

Start as you mean to go on

With any weight loss diet, results at the beginning are easily won. Switching from a high fat, high carb regime to an eating program that focuses on healthy lean proteins and fewer carbohydrates will quickly produce effects on the weighing scales. Building into your diet an increased amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and complex carbs will quickly show in your complexion too, and your energy levels will shoot up. This initial success should harden your resolve and make you more determined to forge ahead with a life-changing program of activities.

Get moving

So how can we become more active? If signing up for a full gym membership is a step too far for you right now, it’s good to know there are plenty of home fitness gadgets to help you lose weight. Becoming more active will increase your body’s metabolism, which in turn will help speed up weight loss. You will find a greater choice of weight loss gadgets if you head online. Not only is the range of weight loss products more extensive, the prices are far more competitive on the internet. For a gentler introduction to regular exercise, why not try some of the ingenious fitness gadgets such as the Rhythm Rocker, Over the Door Exerciser, Soft Body Trimmer and the low impact Sitting Fitness Toner, all available online.

Diet tech

Another angle to try on your weight loss mission is the high-tech approach. Do not overlook the hundreds of excellent apps out there, designed specifically for making healthy lifestyle choices much easier. It has been proven that when we log the foods we eat, it has a positive impact on weight loss. Tracking every calorie has become a possibility, making miscalculations a thing of the past. Being able to see results shown clearly and accurately on an app is an amazing boost to motivation.

Android apps such as Lose It can count calories for you and log your physical activity in such a way that sustainable and healthy weight loss is achievable. Analysis of the hard diet data collected by fitness and weight loss apps helps you to work out where improvements can be made, ultimately speeding up the process. Another free app worth serious consideration is My Fitness Pal, a comprehensive app that plots and plans the route to your target weight through healthy eating and exercise. It can synch up with other popular fitness apps such as Fitbit and Runtastic, giving you a fully rounded digital take on your diet and weight loss plan.

Nike+ Training Club app for Android offers a wide choice of workouts aimed at beginners, and it’s possible to choose and vary your exercise regime to suit. Hooking the app on your phone up to a tablet or TV makes the screen bigger and more user-friendly – probably a good idea if it’s something you intend to do regularly. Sometimes we don’t know about the nutritional qualities of certain foods, which leads to needless weight gain. This is when apps such as Fooducate become invaluable. Fooducate allows you to scan bar codes on food items at the store, grading it so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Achieving healthy and sustained weight loss needn’t be expensive when you mix good-value online fitness products with free Android phone apps. This winning blend of physical activity combined with the extra insight phone apps give makes weight loss goals suddenly seem so much closer.

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