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What steps should you take to Lose Weight In 6 Weeks?

Most people in urgency to lose weight opt for strict diet plan or even skip a meal. This way of losing weight is not good for health.  So if you want to lose weight in 6 weeks, read my diet plan for 6 weeks. You will, therefore, have to focus on what best you can do in the next six weeks bearing in mind your overall physical health.

In reference to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the recommended weight loss per week should be between 1 and 2 lbs. This ensures you lose your weight safely while minimizing the risks of regaining it in the future. Losing weight is realistic through healthy lifestyles and workouts that should translate to lifelong activities. Here is diet plan for 6 weeks that can help you to lose weight if followed carefully

Week 1

Look for someone like a friend or a buddy who also intends to lose weight. This can be your spouse, a close friend. To lose and maintain weight requires a lot of lifelong dedication and commitment. Make it your goal and commit every effort that you will reap the benefits. Avoid smoking or drugs that can deter your weight loss plan. Write a daily journal of regular exercises and healthy diets including a track of your weight. Weigh yourself once every week on a particular day. Avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages and instead take plenty of water. If craving for other drinks occur, take the ones labeled “calorie-free”.

Week 2 and 3

Replace junk foods and high-fat snacks by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. These have been singled out as the best food groups for healthy eating habits. They will assist in cutting down calories intake from carbs and fatty foods. Do away with high-fat proteins and instead take lean protein such as white meat chicken, fish, beans and low-fat peanut butter. Avoid white bread and instead take whole grained ones. Ensure you have low-fat packed snacks to suppress cravings for junk bites when hunger strikes. Engage in a daily workout for a minimum of 60 minutes, five times every week. Exercises should include briskly walk, aerobics, running or jogging.

Week 4

Weigh yourself and see how much weight you have lost. If it is over 10 lbs, that’s a remarkable and commendable progress. If less, revisit your journal to establish why. The increase on your exercise for better returns. Deploy is challenging workouts such as swimming, running and weightlifting. Increase the duration of your exercise to at least two hour daily. Engage in a weight training program ensuring 60 minutes are spent on it and the rest on aerobics exercises. Try a variety of workouts for an even fat burning in various parts of the body. You can do this through the assistance of a gym expert or trainer.

Week 5

This is the right time to evaluate your progress and make the workouts a routine. If you stuck to your weight loss program, you would have shed around 24lbs or more. You will also have to carry on with some exercises even during your holiday. If you realize that your weight is becoming static, adjust your routine exercises as well as your eating habits. Cut further the amounts of proteins and whole grains if there is still little progress. Take plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables. This should continue up to when you will be content with your body weight.

Week 6

With the real progress you will have made, it will be worth giving yourself a treat or a present as a reward. You will need a new fitting outfit for the holiday since some pounds will have been shed. Go out and have some fun with your spouse or a close friend. Watch your favorite movie or visit a spa, museum, parks or any recreational facility. Continue with the workouts and healthy eating plans if you intend to maintain or reduce further your weight. Always bear in mind that weight loss and maintenance is a lifelong process and not magic.

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