High Protein Snacks

What You Didn’t Know about the Benefits of High Protein Snacks

Let’s admit it: we all love to snack once in a while, especially if we are always on the go and hardly have any time to sit down to a ‘real’ lunch or supper. But snacking comes with its own drawbacks, as we all know. With the variety of snacks nowadays, who’s to say that what you are eating is even remotely healthy or good for you? Snacking smart is increasingly difficult, what with the proliferation of high-fat, high cholesterol, high preservative, and high sugar foods we can find in virtually any shop and supermarket today.

So if you insist on having a snack, then the best way for you to get the most benefit from it is to choose a high protein snack. With a snack that is high in protein, you can at least get the energy you need to help you through the day. But there are other benefits brought about by high protein snacks. Let’s take a closer look at some of these.

Feel satisfied for longer

High protein snacks, such as the all natural beef jerky available from Stript Snacks (you can find out more by visiting www.striptsnacks.com) can help you feel full and satisfied for a longer time, especially when compared to high carbohydrate snacks such as chips and crisps. You will have a better feeling of fullness if you consume a high protein snack rather than a snack laden with fat, carbohydrates, and calories.

Feel energised throughout the day

When you snack on something that is high in sugar, it’s true that you can feel an instant burst of energy – but this instant energy boost only lasts for a short time. Afterwards, you will often feel lethargic as you experience a sugar crash (as opposed to a sugar rush). But when you choose a high protein snack, you will be able to have the fuel you need for a longer time. High protein snacks are often enough to give you adequate energy for more than a few hours, even whilst you are staying active.

A better chance of losing extra weight

If you are concerned with a few extra kilos, you will be happy to know that high protein snacks can even possibly help you with weight loss. This is because protein, when converted into glucose, requires a lot more energy and work as opposed to converting carbohydrates and fat. Your body needs to exert more effort into converting protein into energy, and this, in turn, gives you a greater chance of burning off excess fat.

What to consider when choosing a high protein snack

However, it is also important not just to choose any high protein snack – you should also choose a snack that is rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, it would be better to go for a snack which does not have any additives and preservatives and no MSG. This way, you can really benefit from a snack that is not only rich in protein, but which gives you that additional energy boost and the nutrients your body needs. If you can, choose a high protein snack which is also rich in iron, zinc, and B Vitamins.


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