Why apples are so important

Right back since the beginning of time, it has been widely accepted that we should eat apples as often as possible. But if we were to truly think about it, it’s not always that clear what apples give to us, other than the great taste. We’re going to take a look at apples and identify some little known secrets that surround this versatile and easy to eat fruit.

One of the biggest revelations in recent times is the concept that apples can help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. This is a truly devastating disease, and science has shown us that apples and the juice they contain can really help to stave it off. In a special experiment mice were given apple juice and the animals then showed more alertness when dealing with maze problems. There were also higher levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which showed scientists that apple juice is therefore a huge factor in the delaying of the disease.

Apples are incredibly beneficial and conducive to a truly healthy lifestyle. If you work in an office, it is perhaps one of the best reasons to order in a fruit basket, check out the delivery service offered by fruitful office if you want a healthier office snacking option.  Ramp up the apple count in one of these and you will be looking at a very healthy day, as well as plenty of weight loss.

Plenty of fibre

Right at the heart of the humble apple is some fibre. This is special soluble fibre, and it binds up with the fats that are found in your intestine to make for a very special level of impact. Once these two elements have bound up, you have something that actively helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. This means your overall levels of cholesterol are reduced. This takes away the early onset of problems associated with the substance. It’s going to allow you to enjoy better heart health for example, and that is all because of the fibre inside the apple itself.

That fibre is also a bit of a super element too. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) like the millions of other people who do, then having a good source of fibre is really important. IBS can cause all sorts of problems, including diarrhea and bloating. It is most uncomfortable, and at it’s worst it can even cause considerable pain. This particular syndrome can be avoided with lifestyle changes, and increasing the amount of fibre you have in your diet is one of the things you can do.


Super weight loss food


You may have heard that fruit can help with weight loss, but apples have a particularly effective way of doing so. The fibre inside an apple works to make you feel more full up quicker. This means you will suffer from less hunger and therefore eat less, especially the unhealthy stuff. You won’t feel as hungry, basically. And the best news here is the fact that apples are so low in calories, with 50 calories for a large apple being the norm.

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