Will Your Child Benefit from Exercise?

Your Child Would Benefit From An Exercise Regimen

Young children are not usually interested in getting into an exercise regimen, so a parent would be stumped if he has a child age 6 to 8 who wants to do so. Many would think that children in that age range would not need any exercise, but some think it’s a good idea.

Actually, your children will get many benefits from an exercise regimen or weight lifting. Precautions must be taken, however, to protect their health.


It’s important to remember that children are not just smaller versions of adults, and what routines or techniques are applicable to adults are not applicable to children. In terms of anatomy, physiology and the emotional aspect, children and adults are not alike.

Children Are More Likely To Suffer From Heat Exhaustion

Children’s bones do not mature until they are about 14 years old or older. One should be especially careful with girls because exercise during childhood can cause life-long damage to their bones.

Children are also more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke because they don’t perspire to the same degree that adults do. It is difficult for them to build up strength and speed because of their small muscle mass and underdeveloped hormone system. Moreover, the way their respiration and heart respond  to exercise also differ from those of an adult; this will have a bearing on their capacity for exercise.

Kids Can Boost Their Strength Pretty Quickly

Young children of both sexes, though, can boost their strength pretty quickly with weight training – but this is mostly attributable to neurological factors rather than muscle growth factors in the case of adults.

If you are thinking of an exercise program for your children, the first thing you should do is to get a clearance from your family doctor. A program should be designed in such a way that repetitions are in the 8 to 12 range, while maintaining a suitable level of physical exertion.

Make sure that the workouts are scheduled to allow 1 to 2 whole days of rest in between. What you should focus on is the form of every exercise in the routine, not on the amount of weight.

Make Sure Your Child Stretches After Exercise and Keep Hydrated

See that your children do not skip the warm up and stretching exercise. Begin their exercise routine with light loads and then make gradual adjustments.  Don’t let your children do more than 3 non-consecutive  sessions in one week.  Make sure that they are kept hydrated before, during and after exercise. Drinking plenty of water is essential when exercising because children get easily dehydrated.

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