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5 Steps to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself – My True Fat Burning Furnace Story

If you’re looking to better yourself for the sake of your health, your family, and your own happiness, then you’re going to have to implement some changes. However, it doesn’t require you to spend a large amount of money on trying to better yourself, and you certainly don’t need to fall into the capitalistic trap of buying an expensive gym membership, gym gear, and health foods that promise to do this, that, and the other. You can work out outdoors in nature, get yourself a sturdy pair of walking boots, and eat tinned goods as well as reduced foods that are discounted at the end of the day. Try new things and boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, but always remember that you are enough and you have to want to improve yourself for you and no one else first and foremost. What steps can you take to become the best version of yourself?

Keep On Top Of Ailments

It’s very easy to downplay pain and discomfort, especially if you’re concerned it could be something more serious and sinister. If you’re at all worried about your health, then you shouldn’t delay visiting your doctor to find out whether you’ll need additional treatment, to obtain a diagnosis and correct medication, or to simply put your mind at ease. If you’re secretly anxious about your health, then you’re causing your mind and body unnecessary stress. The best course of action is to actively seek a diagnosis and begin receiving help if you need it. No good comes from worrying, so keep on top of ordering your prescriptions at, keeping the medicine cabinet stocked up, and refraining from self-diagnosing yourself on the internet.

Do Something for Others

Try to extend kindness to someone else at least once every day. Consider giving clothes you don’t wear anymore to charity, donating money to good causes and those close to your heart, stopping to help an older adult across the road, and speaking up for those who deserve to be defended. Don’t be complicit against injustice, and join marches and protests when you wish to display your disapproval. Give your spare change to the homeless, and consider volunteering to help out in your neighborhood. Instead of letting your food go to waste, think about giving it to others who need it more than you, and advertising food that otherwise will not be eaten on food sharing sites such as OLIO.

Get Organized

Yes, you’re going to have to clear out those drawers in your kitchen and file all of those loose sheets of paper in the study. Getting organized can take time, determination, and perseverance, but once you’re successful, your life will feel easier and less stressful. Be honest with yourself, and sit down to figure out which areas in your life stress you out the most. Make a list of the situations, and beside each one, scribble down a solution that you feel could help you endlessly. Become better at time keeping by finishing errands and tasks before they’re due, by keeping a notebook, diary, calendar, and getting help where you need it, whether that be therapy, for housework, babysitters, or someone just to walk the dog.

Keep Active

Your health is paramount, and you need to be nurturing it in the very best way you can. It doesn’t merely involve eating the occasional salad and going for a jog once a week, it means changing your lifestyle entirely if you’re unhappy with your weight, your health, and your current situation. Getting out and about helps you to feel more confident and happy, as exercise is a natural painkiller, and you release endorphins when taking part. Begin by walking short distances instead of taking the car, getting up an hour earlier to walk the dog or around the block. If you’re new to working out, then gradually increase how much you do, and begin to enjoy the feeling of muscle ache after a work-out.

Be Driven

You have to want to change for yourself; the drive to change your lifestyle and your situation has to come from you if you’re going to be successful. It isn’t always easy, and the key to becoming driven is to find something you’re passionate about and that you find fun. You need to be inspired by people, activities, and the need to succeed. In order to achieve this, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone and begin trying new things. Having said this, never jeopardize your mental health in your pursuit; never rush or push yourself into taking part in something you’re really unhappy about doing.


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