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7 Smoothie Hacks to Help You Achieve Blending Bliss – My True Fat Burning Furnace Story

Smoothies are delicious, nutritious, and so easy to make. While it’s pretty tough to mess up a smoothie, there are some simple steps you can take to make your blending sessions flow a little, well, smoother. Elevate your smoothie game with these 7 simple hacks!

  1. Upgrade Your Gear

Are you still blending with that monster of a blender you’ve had since the ‘80s that sounds like a chainsaw? Do yourself a favor and donate it to a local thrift store and never look back. These days, there are much better options available.

From sleek, quiet, and colorful portable blenders to industrial restaurant-worthy units, your first step should be getting a blender that does the job right. Besides delivering better results in general, a quality blender will inspire you to keep making new concoctions, and you won’t have to worry about waking the neighbors.

  1. No Banana, No Problem

If you’re one of those smoothie lovers who can’t stand bananas, or your significant other just put your relationship at risk by throwing away your perfectly overripe dream banana, we’ve got four perfect alternatives for you.

Mango is the perfect substitute for bananas in nearly any smoothie recipe. It provides a near identical creamy texture without much flavor. Frozen mangos (and other fruits and berries) also make a wonderful addition to mocktails and cocktails, so slice them up and keep them in your freezer so they’re always ready to go for holidays and celebrations (or anytime you’re feeling festive).

  • 1 banana = 1 mango

Avocado makes for velvety smoothies with ultra-creamy texture, without adding much taste when mixed with other fruits or greens. It pairs perfectly with chocolate and peanut butter too. The fat of the avocado helps to slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream, which helps to prevent a sugar rush and crash.

  • 1 banana = 1/2 avocado

Pineapple is a natural thickener and also a sweetener, so you can skip the sugar or maple syrup in your recipe. If you slice and freeze your pineapple pieces prior to blending, the smoothie will come out with that sought-after slushy consistency.

  • 1 banana = 1/4 pineapple

Cooked sweet potatoes might seem like an odd choice for a smoothie, but they make for deliciously creamy smoothies with a bit of added sweetness. In fact, sweet potatoes can even be used as a sugar alternative! Sweet potatoes work similarly to avocado in that they pair very well with berries and chocolate, plus citrus too.

  • 1 banana = 3/4 sweet potato (cooked)
  1. Your Freezer Is Your Friend

Eating (or drinking) real food is a great way to detox and improve your short and long-term health. At the same time, those fresh fruits and veggies can go bad quick if you’re not keeping an eye on them.

Instead of storing your smoothie ingredients in the fridge, chop them up in advance, place them in individual baggies, and toss them in your freezer so they’re ready to go when you are. You can even make custom blends so you can simply dump them in your blender, add liquid, and blend.

  1. Maximize Flavor With Juice Ice Cubes

There’s nothing like an ice-cold smoothie, especially on a hot day. The problem is that the ice waters down the flavor. Instead of using traditional ice, fill ice trays with various fruit juices! Coconut water is a great option because it’s so versatile.

  1. Sneak Some Veggies into the Mix


This is a great hack if you have kids who don’t enjoy veggies, but anyone can benefit from more vegetables in their diet. After all, your eating habits affect your health, and veggies are crucial!

Because smoothies are so packed with fruity flavor, it’s easy to hide veggies in them. In fact, veggies like greens, carrots, or even bell peppers can enhance the flavor. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! When it comes to diet plan secrets, this is one of the best! Just don’t tell the kids.

Pro Tip: You can also sneak healthy supplements like collagen powder, protein powder, greens powder, spirulina, or flax seeds for an added boost of healthy goodness.

  1. Add Liquid As You Go

It’s a whole lot easier to add liquid than to subtract it. Start by adding roughly half of your required liquid, and then add your frozen and fresh ingredients. This makes it easy to start the blending process, and you can be confident that your smoothie won’t be watered down. While blending, add more liquid bit-by-bit until you reach the perfect consistency.

  1. Keep It Simple, Smoothie

You don’t need to reinvent the blender or buy the whole produce section to make something amazing. Sometimes the best smoothies are just a few ingredients blended with love. Start by getting a hang of the basics. Once you’ve mastered the rules, you’ll be better at breaking them!


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