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Body fat has a significant effect on fertility in women. If you have body fat levels that are considered to be too low, this can interfere with your ability to ovulate. Being underweight or overweight can both negatively affect conception. Even though your period may still be regular, you may no longer be ovulating and this minimizes the possibility of conceiving.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy nutritional meals and maintaining a healthy weight can help increase your chances of conception. When women have excessively low body fat, it can be difficult to achieve a full term pregnancy. If you measure your body fat and determine that you are underweight, it is advisable to gain healthy weight by increasing the portions of healthy balanced meals in your diet.

Low and High Body Fat

While low fat can disrupt ovulation, excessive body fat can also have a negative impact on ovulation. The extra amount of fat may diminish your sensitivity to insulin and result in excessive production of leptin. These two situations can stop ovulation or make it occur irregularly. Even minimal weight loss can have a significant impact on your fertility and set ovulation in motion.

Weight during Pregnancy

Overweight women are vulnerable to more challenges while pregnant. Too much body fat can lead to problems such as gestational diabetes as well as hypertension. The higher your body fat percentage, the higher the risk of you encountering such problems becomes.

Monitoring your body fat and undergoing various tests while pregnant can help reduce the risks. You should never go on a crash diet or attempt to lose weight while pregnant, but you can consume healthier foods and avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Use a conception calculator to estimate the essential dates during which conception can occur.

Fertility and Body Fat

  • Body fat is essential for your fertility and the production of estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for healthy bones, cholesterol levels and maintaining a regular menstrual cycle. When you lack a sufficient amount of body fat, you may end up with an irregular menstrual cycle and fertility challenges.
  • Women who are overweight or obese may overproduce estrogen that can also lead to fertility problems. Although being as fit and healthy as possible is essential for all women, inadequate body fat can compromise your ability to have regular menstrual cycles.
  • Low body fat can cause ovulation to stop and you may still experience monthly menstruation, but be unaware of irregular ovulation.
  • Regardless of what your weight may be, it is important to eat healthy fats and avoid trans fats. You also need to exercise regularly and ensure that you stay within the ideal body fat range that is beneficial towards regular ovulation. A disrupted cycle or irregular periods are influential factors in regards to your fertility. Find out what your ideal body fat and weight is to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Using Conception Calculators

Conception calculators are designed to calculate important conception dates and help women get pregnant at a faster rate. Conception indicates when a pregnancy begins and this usually happens within the uterus. The calculator evaluates when conception is possible and the due date based on your cycle. Learn more about conception calculator at


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