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If you have been facing some back issues recently, be they muscular or bone related, you may find that you can get a great deal of relief if you upgrade your mattress. The amount of the which you spend on your mattress is incredible, which means that you need to take the mattress selection very seriously. Think about it like this, if you spend 8 hours per night in bed, that equates to 2,920 hours per year, a total of 121 days! Considering the fact that you spend almost a third of the year in bed, it is vitally important for your back that you invest some time into selecting the right mattress, and here is what you need to think about when doing so.

Where is the Pain? 

Not all back issues are alike and depending on what pain you have and where it is located, the mattress selection will be different. For example many people experience lower back pain which has its roots in the discs and the muscles in the lumbar region, alternatively however, those with ailments such as osteoporosis can experience bone pain which will exist in the higher regions of the spine. First assess what pain you have before looking at the variety of mattress sizes, and styles, and finding the right mattress for your individual issues.

Firm Mattresses Are Not Always The Answer 

There is a common mistake which people make, that suggests that a firm mattress is the instant answer to a bad back, but this is not the case. In fact it is the type of bad back which you have that will indicate which is the best mattress style for you. For example if you do have lower back pain, or a curvature in the lower region of the spine, a supportive mattress will be the best bet, but not necessarily one which is hard, as you need some flexibility. A firm mattress is actually a better choice as a preventative measure against back issues, rather than one which can support existing back problems. Those with pain towards the hips, or muscular issues which cause them to slouch, can also be greatly helped with a firm and solid mattress, especially memory foam mattresses which offer support and sturdiness.

Sleeping Position

An often overlooked consideration which many people fail to make is to understand how they sleep, in relation to the pain in their back. For example if your general sleeping style is to be curled up in the fetal position, a firmer mattress could actually cause issues to your hips, causing secondary problems. Before you buy your mattress, pay attention, or ask a partner to pay attention, to how you sleep through the night. It may well be that upon buying your new mattress, that you have to use pillows, or even a smart, movable mattress, to manage your sleeping position in order to get the greatest benefit from your mattress, especially with regards to your back complaints.

Invest time in this decision and consult a medical professional if you are facing illnesses such as cancer, arthritis or osteoporosis, in order to get the selection just right to help you out with your back pain.


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