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The Most Common Mistakes Concerning Health Made By The Women In Their 50’s | My True Fat Burning Furnace Story

Women have a natural tendency to overlook their health and personal well being as most of their time is taken up looking after their family’s needs and comfort. This attitude is ingrained in the minds of little girls at a tender age which stays with them well into the later years of their life. At a young age of 25 or 30 it might seem unnecessary to take into account the care for their personal health but this is a mistake which can cause problems in the years to come. Especially when a woman reaches the age of 50 it becomes all the more essential for her to not take her health issues for granted. These are the years when you need to give special attention to all the medical needs and maintain a healthy body by daily exercise and a nutritious diet.

In spite of all the precautionary measures, women face many problems in their mid-life i.e. their 50’s. But now they need not worry as none of them are ones that cannot be solved with a little care and avoiding some of the mistakes that are common among women this age.

Let’s have a look at what these mistakes are:

  1. Ignorance towards heart issues:

The risks of a heart disease rise with a women’s age and is known as the main factor which causes mortality in women. But it is a myth that menopause is responsible for heart problems. The onset of related diseases happens at a younger age due to bad habits like lack of exercise and unhealthy eating and drinking habits which begins the affect the heart in the form of premature ventricular contraction in the middle age. But it is not late yet as it is simple to avoid heart issues by following a strict diet and exercise routine.

  1. Tolerate menopause:

This is again a myth that there is no relief for the menopause miseries that are experienced by women this age. Symptoms of menopause can be various like hot flashes, lack of sleep or need of more sleep than usual, infections in the urinary tract and other vaginal issues, change in attitudes and behavioral issues. The good news is that almost all are curable with the help of either medications or therapy which helps relaxing the person.

  1. End of sex life:

It is known for women to have lesser interest in sex with increase in age but statistics say that people over the age of 70-75 are known to enjoy sex for 2-3 times a month with more than 25% confirming of having sex at least once a week. However due to hormonal changes women tend to face problems like vaginal dryness which results in painful experience during sex. This could be solved by using lubricating products.

  1. Weight gain:

If you believe that gaining weight is another side effect of your middle age you are nowhere near the truth. It is true that the increase in age is a risk to your weight but it necessarily need not happen. With age and hormonal changes the energy used by the body decreases which makes it necessary by you to use it up for daily exercises.

  1. Don’t miss your screening:

This is the worst mistake done by women in their middle ages. Women in this age are prone to many health related issues and have to endure several screenings and tests like PAP test, blood tests for cholesterol, screening for cancer and bone density etc. Most women are ignorant about them which make them an easy target for them.

Regular health checkups and a fit and healthy lifestyle is the mantra to fly through your middle age with grace and aplomb.

Author bio: Caleb  Abenoja is freelance writer. He is passionate about on spreading awareness on cardiac arrhythmias including identification of triggers for Premature ventricular contraction as well as possible preventive treatments.


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