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Think you’re powerful? – My True Fat Burning Furnace Story

With the beginning of 2020 in full swing, gym habits are starting to be born. Every squat, run or deadlift gets a little easier as they days tick by. However, with every decent exercise session you have to push yourself a little further each time to achieve your goals. As the sweat trickles down your face you may feel as though you’re a powerhouse, but so what if your physical efforts achieved something more than just a tighter bum and flatter stomach? What if we could harness the energy you’re expending in the gym and use it to power the world? 

It may sound a bit ludicrous, like an image of a thousand hamsters on wheels powering a lamp, but there are already examples of where man’s exertion in the gym has been put to good use. is used to power the gym itself.  In some cases, that even means the gym itself. Terra Hale, meaning “Strong Earth”, in Shepherd’s Bush is a self sustaining gym, taking the power generated by it’s spin class users and pumping any extra energy back to the grid. Though these gyms are not common, they are certainly on the rise as the population becomes more conscious of the environment. Sports Art labels itself as a “Green Fitness Company” who specialises in making energy producing exercise equipment. Their statement of “change the world one workout at a time” could be the beginning of a new approach by gyms in the UK.

How much energy could you generate through your gym sessions?   

Research conducted by uSwitch looked to see if we are working hard enough in the gym to power the UK. By taking all the gym participants in the UK, it was found that they could produce enough energy to supply the Isles of Scilly indefinitely. But unfortunately, even though you may feel as though you are moving mountains, it would take you 1449 squats just to boil your kettle. Whereas to get through one hours worth of ironing it would require 6233 deadlifts or a 6 hour run. Taking all of the UK gym users, they could only power greater London for 2.8 hours a year.

So perhaps we aren’t quite ready to power the world. But as more people understand the health benefits of a gym membership, the more of a reality it will become that the world could be supplied by manpower. A fitter population and a renewable energy source all in one.

uSwitch research:


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