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How To Lose Weight Fast

9 Tips To Losing Weight Fast – My True Fat Burning Furnace Story

People have come up with various diets, supplements, and plans for weight loss, but most lack scientific evidence. However, some strategies have scientific backup and are proven to help lose some weight. It is essential to try and keep off weight by making tweaks to your lifestyle and engaging in long-term weight-loss programs.

Effective Ways To Lose Weight 

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an effective method of weight loss that entails short-term fasts. The method forces you to reduce calorie intake when taking a break from food. You can try a 16-hour fast with an 8-hour feeding window or any other protocol that is appropriate for you. If you combine exercise with fasting, it’s best to fast when not working out.


Physical exercises can help you lose weight quickly and improve your appearance. You can start by lifting weights three to four times a week. Weight lifting helps in burning lots of calories. If you are new to a gym, ask the trainer to guide you. You can also try jogging, walking, swimming, running or cycling. Consult a personal trainer here to get more advice on which exercise facilitates weight loss.

Always be Active

To burn more calories and lose weight quickly, maintain an active lifestyle. The level of activeness during the day when you are not exercising plays a significant role in preventing obesity. Avoid sitting for long and take a walk upstairs, walk to work and do household activities.

Take Whole Foods

If you want to lose weight quickly, avoid junk and processed foods. Instead, take a simple whole-grain meal. These foods are fulfilling, and you may not feel hungry very often. Aim at taking single-ingredient whole foods for effective weight loss.

Avoid Eating at Night

Set a time when you’ll stop eating to avoid eating snacks and other foods late at night. If you want something lighter after dinner, you can have tea, ice cream, or frozen yogurt. Ensure you brush your teeth to prevent taking anything else.

Reduce Portions

If you reduce your portion by 10-20% without involving any other method, you will lose weight. Most portions served at home or hotels are more than your body requires. Start using small bowls, cups, or plates for instant portion control. You won’t feel deprived since the food will appear full of small dishware.

Take Proteins at Every Meal

Ensure to take a low-fat protein in every meal and snack. This will help you feel full longer, and thus, you won’t get temptations to overeat. Take peanut butter, beans, eggs, lean meats, or yogurt. You can incorporate a snack every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugars in check.

Take Breakfast Daily

Eating breakfast is a common way of losing weight and keeping it off. Most people assume that skipping breakfast will reduce calorie intake, but they end up eating lots of food throughout the day. Studies show that those who take breakfast have a lower BMI than those who skip breakfast. Start your day with whole-grain cereal, fruit, and low-fat dairy.

Choose Your Drinks

Sweetened drinks add calories to your body. Quench your thirst with water, 100% fruit juices, or low–fat milk. Ensure to take a glass of low-calorie vegetable juice between meals. Be cautious of alcohol calories since they pile up quickly. You can settle for a drink or two for a few days a week and skip the weekends.

Changes in diet and lifestyle are the major contributors to the weight-loss journey. However, keep in mind that once you stop eating healthily, the weight might creep back. Therefore, ensure to stick to a long-term weight loss schedule to maintain your preferred weight and body shape.


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