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Times are changing and along with them, technology is providing options for treatments that are far superior to those offered in the past. Though some people will still need to use bulky and complicated CPAP machines for their Obstructive Sleep Apnea, others are finding relief with small and effective Provent nasal patches. Progress is fast tracking in the research and development of therapies for chronic sleep disorders and studies are coming in showing positive results for these new ideas.

Convenience is important for those suffering from any chronic disease, if the treatment is too difficult to take with you when traveling, is heavy, expensive or difficult to use then patients are not likely to do a very good job sticking to the recommended treatment plans. Some studies have suggested as many as eighty percent of patients don’t follow their doctor’s suggestions. Based on this problem Provent has simplified the treatment for sleep apnea so it is something that can easily be taken with you in a purse of carry on and isn’t going to keep you from going camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Just imagine not having to cart a machine around, rather simply applying self-stick pads at bedtime. Your companions wont even know you have them. No limitation or restrictions in your movement. This could change the quality of life for many who suffer from this chronic condition. Your doctor will have to prescribe it for you, so be sure to ask about it next time you discuss your Obstructive sleep apnea. It is always a good idea to research disorders you have or think you might have in order to be your own best advocate. You don’t have to blindly follow the advice of a single person even if that person is a doctor. You should get to know as much about your disease as possible. Not only will this likely inspire you to take your prescription treatments as indicated because you will have a better idea what the consequences of not doing so are, it will also give you knowledge of new treatment options, potentially even before your doctor knows about them.

It is very important that you take your condition seriously; simply not using your CPAP when it is prescribed can result in major health problems, and in extreme cases even death. You don’t want to continue doing damage to your body, as apnea results in reduced oxygen intake, which is essential for healthy brain, and muscle function. Your organs are muscles too and thus depend on a healthy and adequate oxygen supply. You don’t want heart failure, stroke, or other organ failure to take you by surprise. Your quality of life, and your longevity depend on your seeking and sticking with the best treatment plan for you. If you think Provent might be a better option, don’t be afraid to ask. Your doctor will tell you if it’s right for you.




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