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Lose Your Belly Fat The Natural Way – My True Fat Burning Furnace Story

Belly Fat Is A Common Problem Even With People Who Are Not Overweight

Belly fat – this is a common problem even with people who are not overweight. Several men and women who would otherwise look good in a swimsuit have this problem. Perhaps you yourself have it, and are looking for something better than doing those tedious abdominal crunches. Yes, there is a solution, and it’s nothing new – it’s still the old combination of diet and exercise, but with a fresh perspective.

Take A Look At Your Diet

First, let’s discuss the diet. Of course, it should be low-calorie and should have all the food groups in the right proportion. Here are some reminders the next time you go to the supermarket. Avoid the aisles where the processed foods are. Go to the produce section and load up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes. For your protein requirements, buy a little lean meat and low-fat dairy products. If you want something to munch on while watching TV, substitute unbuttered and unsalted popcorn for the usual potato chips.

The Move You Develop Your Muscles The Better They Will Burn Fat

Get in some strength or resistance training too. The more you develop your muscles, the better they will be able to burn fat. Try this exercise routine with a belly ball – this is a big 22-inch exercise ball available at sporting goods stores. Lie on the floor and raise your legs, holding the ball between your thighs for one minute. Bring your legs down and repeat. Do as many repetitions as you can. This is a lot easier than doing the crunch. The manual that comes with the ball will explain more exercises.

The vacuum exercise is also recommended. Here’s how to do it: Get down on the floor and use your hands and knees to support your body. Lift your back and keep it parallel to the floor. You should keep your back as flat as possible. Take a deep breath while pushing your stomach out at the same time. Bring the stomach in as you breathe out. Maintain the position for three seconds. Do repetitions for one minute.

Walking 3 Times A Week Will Lose Some Inches

With a busy schedule, you may find walking a more convenient way to get some exercise. A study has discovered that dieters who walked for 50 minutes three times a week took off about twice as much fat from their waist than those who relied only on eating less. You should devote a minimum of 45 minutes of intense exercise every day to shed the stomach fat. Suggested exercises include brisk walking, cycling, and jogging.

Exercise through cardio and strength training combined with a healthy diet are the key to getting rid of belly fat.


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